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The Nabi Platform is an environment built to allow content providers such as writers, publishers, creators, and recipients (users) to exchange the values that each group wants through a fair deal, an ecosystem that enables interaction between participants and provides an open participation infrastructure that provides new value and benefit to everyone.


The Nabi Platform creates a new ecosystem of content based on blockchain and issues Nabi Coin, which will play an important role in maintaining, developing, and interacting with the ecosystem. Nabi Coin will link the relationship between the many content creators and users that will arise from the Nabi Platform ecosystem, and Nabi Crew will reward content creators with appropriate rewards for using the content. Starting with the basic philosophy of supply and consumption, Nabi Coin will act as a lubricant for chain action to supply and consume a variety of content, such as video and writing, and create a content market that has evolved across a wide range of existing and different genres.


Nabi Coin is issued to build the Nabi Platform infrastructure. Nabi Coin generates blocks as soon as 20 transactions occur, and is designed to generate blocks every five minutes when 20 transactions do not occur. It is designed as a dual system to generate and propagate a block in one transaction propagated during Nabi Coin transactions to ensure proof of transaction, and immediately generates and propagates blocks to shorten processing time.



In order to ensure the production activities of free and unrestricted content, the Navi Platform will initially block this traceability and eventually design it so that only it can establish access rights to its entire data, allowing it to freely determine its access rights, and record it in the blockchain.


The longer a person has shown and shown himself in the Navi Platform, the higher the score. Visibility is now a new way of being. The range of people watching me is much wider than I thought. Not just my acquaintances, but all the users connected to their friends, and by extension friends, will be able to make me stand out more quickly through the Navi Coin Pay.


Nabi Platform uses a blockchain symbolized by decentralization to consolidate all records of users producing content to be stored and managed to block the path in advance where personal information can be leaked and, in principle, makes it impossible for external malicious access.


Nabi Coin Structure

Nabi Coin generates a Block using a PoW (proof of work) algorithm based on the blockchain structure for security and remittance processing, and remittance uses the UTXO method. Nabi Coin's remittance and Wallet is processed as an electronic signature, security is different from the hash value of the block and the actual Block value calculated from the receiving side of the Block, the block is rejected to fundamentally defend the Block manipulation attack, and the difference between nabi Coin and the remittance is inconsistent with the Nabi Coin prior to the transaction, the transaction is not completed.

Nabi Coin issuance

Nabi Coin is issued to build the Nabi Platform infrastructure.

Nabi Platform Team : 5,000,000,000 Nabi

Advisors and Partners : 3,000,000,000 Nabi

Exchange Listing and Marketing : 7,000,000,000 Nabi

initial distribution 7,000,000,000 Nabi